[Nov 2021] Published an article on self-supervised learning for graphs. [Blog]
[Nov 2021] Happy to share that I will be interning at Amazon Alexa AI in Summer 2022!
[Oct 2021] Our work on "Inspiration Retrieval for Visual Exploration" has been accepted at NeurIPS 2021 Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design. [Paper]
[Sep 2021] Excited to join Stanford University as a Masters student!
[Aug 2021] Our work on "Generating Compositional Color Representations from Text" has been accepted at CIKM 2021. [Paper]
[Feb 2021] Our patent on "Constructing Enterprise-specific Knowledge Graphs" has been granted. [Link]
[Dec 2020] Our work on "Scene Graph Embeddings Using Relative Similarity Supervision" has been accepted at AAAI 2021. [Paper]
[May 2020] Our patent on "Visualizing Natural Language Through 3D Scenes in Augmented Reality" has been granted. [Link]
[Apr 2020] Our work on "Learning Colour Representations of Search Queries" has been accepted at SIGIR 2020. [Paper]
[Nov 2019] Invited talk at the India HCI Conference to showcase my work on generating graphic designs. [Conference]
[Oct 2019] Our work on "Exploratory Navigation and Selective Reading" has been accepted at AAAI 2020 Demonstrations. [Paper]
[Aug 2019] Our work on "ARComposer: Authoring Augmented Reality Experiences through Text" has been accepted at UIST 2019. [Paper]
[Mar 2019] Adobe shared my journey as an intern and employee at Adobe Research. [Blog] [Story]
[Feb 2019] Invited talk at Adobe Tech Summit to present my work on knowledge graph creation.
[Dec 2018] Our work on "Exemplar based Experience Transfer" has been accepted at IUI 2019. [Paper]
[Jun 2018] Joined Adobe Research, Bangalore as a Research Associate!
[Jun 2018] Completed B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.
[Feb 2018] Our work on "Harvesting Knowledge from Cultural Heritage Artifacts in Museums of India" has been accepted at PAKDD 2018. [Paper]